Post Care

Why aftercare is so important

Depending on the type of treatment, aftercare can vary in nature and length, but is usually vital to the success and efficacy of treatment. The most important factor is of course patient’s health and safety, and not providing the necessary information and services could result in you, the patient experiencing adverse events. By following  a comprehensive aftercare plan, you’ll improve outcomes and ensure satisfaction. 

What do we advise?

The fundamental post-care advice we advise patients after ANY injectable treatment is as follows:

After treatment, the below should be avoided:

  1. Alcohol and/or recreational drugs for at least 24 hours post treatment
  2. Avoid smoking for at least 24 hours post treatment
  3. Excessive Caffeine for at least 24 hours post treatment
  4. The following supplements: Vitamin E, St John’s Wort, Omega 3, Garlic & Aspirin at least 24 hours post treatment
  5. Topical Retinol/Retinoids 72 hours post treatment
  6. Avoid all heat inducing activities for 24 hours such as exercise and hot baths/showers
  7. Avoid sunbeds, saunas and steam rooms for 2 weeks post treatment  
  8. Avoid makeup application for at least 12 hours post treatments, ideally 24 hours

It is best practise to advise that if you are going to bed within 6 hours of treatment, it is recommended to use fresh bedding/pillowcase. For Dermal Fillers it is advised not to sleep directly on the treated area for 2 weeks post treatment.